The Impact Of Structure On SEO During Website Design

12 July 2021

Website structure is also a basic point in website design, yet some irresponsible companies pay less attention to those details, just leaving a retroaction to whole site.

vi hwaying

That's why company website could not well perform in search engine after built or could not log in search engine. Thus, I suggest that company should seriously examine the former cases done by design company and observe their perform effects prior to website design.

Especially for some enterprise websites, content structure is attached no importance, for instance, structures of most website I received to optimize are a mess, for the same title, it’s almost applied in all columns, e.g. when you click the title news, it’s still the same title news jump out, not the article title, of course, this just a part of website structure. Many more are not satisfied. Now let’s learn the website internal link setting’s influence on search engine below.

A website internal links settings will affect reaction speed of the spiders---search engine, which is generally know by seo engineer. Provided that your internal link is in chaos, it will affect spider's recordation to sites to a great extent, contrarily, a good internal structure design will make search engine record more web pages. The link setting should be in a natural way, allowing when others browse your website, they can find the back link or other links. This has greatly increase website experience speed. Meanwhile, use methods advantageous to the search engine recording such as text, pictures or flash to create convenient links.