Effective Chinese Digital Marketing Only Comes After You Really Understand How It Works In China

20 August 2021

Localization, Localization, Localization!

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How different are Chinese consumers? And how different is their internet?

What are the most effective digital marketing platforms in China?

What are the most suitable channels for your business to enter into huge Chinese market?

You are familiar with Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and they could be your great marketing tools, but few people use them in China.

All your existing digital marketing knowledge seems useless in China.

You might know the name of Baidu, Wechat, Weibo, Tencent, QQ, Douyin, Little Red Book, Toutiao, but wondered what it could possibly mean to you.

What's worse?

Many people tried to invest a significant money in China digital marketing, but there was almost no real results. Without local online marketing basics, their new business in China is so fragile.

Most of the things are not working,

  • Copywriting is bad
  • Useless traffic from random users
  • No conversions at all
  • People don't trust you 

You don't get your brand established, you don't get any sales.

Actually, you can avoid all these problems,if you really understand what works and doesn't work in China.

Effective Chinese Digital Marketing only happens when you really get your marketing efforts localized, and adapt to the China market.

  • What apps are Chinese consumers using?
  • What platforms, channels will bring the most results, in what way?
  • What are the biggest obstacles I am facing, but I don't know?
  • How to deliver the right message to the market and stand out from others?
  • What is the cost to start? 
  • How to get the most out of your marketing from the very beginning?

With these fundamental knowledge, you can be confident to start your China digital marketing campaign, spending your time and money wisely.