Shenzhen Website Design Market Analysis

12 July 2021

Shenzhen website construction——Market development

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Shenzhen first generation of website design technology is to use the general web pages software, just to turn some plane figure into a web page, and then link up pages to become a company website. Meanwhile professionals are required to update, modify or add pages with payment. Those websites compose of static page and the cost of maintenance is very high.
The second generation of website design technology adopts the database to (such as press conference, product launch) to manage certain functional modules. It’s suitable for website requiring frequent updating or maintenance or large scale website with special requirements. For small companies, it’s unbearbale due to its various tailor-made design requests and high cost.
The third generation of website design technology appeared in 2003-intelligent website building system. Web users can be very quickly to manage his own website, define contents and update functions through intelligent website building system, in additional, it can meet the front desk interface individuality demand, which is the ideal choice for small companies.
The fourth generation of website design technology is focus on new ideas on programming and domain name. As a key point of web persists in program’s humanization, design’s sensitivity, domain name’s fully grasp to maintain it conveniently.

Shenzhen Website Design——Market Prospect

As the technology develops and fuses, many popular technology in other industries such as video, 3-d animation, virtual reality technology have been transplanted from reality to r Internet, in future, they will appear in the enterprise websites; The new network programming language (net technology) and server CDN (content published online) technology will combine the structure of the website i more close, making visit be more smooth and adapt to new requirements.
The network marketing service will be in fusion with website design to provide all-in-one service. Nowadays, enterprise customers is no longer content to just run a website for marketing activity, they also require marketing strategy and implementation made by network company in order to achieve effect and bring profit. This puts forward higher request upon network company, demanding they strengthen self-learning and improving to meet requirement.
Personalized individual website, thematic website, etc have been initially formed. From then Individual website will be the new value-add point.

Shenzhen Website Construction——Market Research

The enterprise website number and proportion: as the 12th China Internet network development investigation report conducted by China Internet network information center (CNNIC) shows: that by July of 2003, the total website number is 473900, while in 2001 and 2001, website number is respectively 242739 and 293213, and by the beginning of 2004, that number is up to 590000. From the statistical data, we can see out that after the baptism of network bubble economy in 2000, quantity of websites growth steadily and fast, especially in the last year, the increase rate has been up to as much as 60%. This shows that website design business is growing fast and hides a large scale industry market.