Master Sun's Art Of War And Website Planning

12 July 2021

Master Sun’s Art of War said: "a meticulous strategy before battle will result in more opportunity to victory, less strategy results in less opportunity to victory, let alone no strategy prior to battle. View from their planning, the outcome is obvious” Therefore, strategy plays a key role in website design even in its long-term development.

In general, website planning requires basic professional level as following:

1. A good writing ability

If could not express your idea by words, it’s just a great pity no matter how good the Idea is. Thus, writing ability is the most basic quality for a planner.

2. Familiar with the Internet Economy

Whatever the company website or professional Internet company, you, to a certain extent, should know about the Internet economy, maybe company website requirement less of that. But if you are engaged in is pure mutual networking enterprise, such as WEB2.0 website, network media, wireless value-added, etc. you must deeply understand the connotation of Internet economy. For its particularity, any birth of any new technology or ideas, can lead to effect of volcanic eruptions, which can hasten a number of excellent website, also can smash lots of websites, so, as a propeller, planners must be careful, because the establishment of the strategic direction and profit pattern rely on deep understanding in the Internet economy.

3. Good Analysis Ability and Logical Thinking Ability

For site planning, we can use five "W" to perform website overall thinking, function orientation, profit pattern analysis and website positioning, although they are subjective, invisible, impalpable , they are important reference for subsequent work for performing market analysis, competitors analysis, and their own S.W.O.T, so that we can master grasp the direction of development and site location on macroscopic side. Analysis on site function and development positioning should be based on the objective data and internet economy understanding. The survey includes site age, behavior characteristics, cultural degree, etc. All need strong analytical ability and logical thinking ability.

4. Certain Artists Basis

Site section, style, VI design and enterprise CI design should be combined under certain artistic base, which facilitate communication and artists.

5. Certain Program Design Basis

You are not required to be skillful on website programming, but you should understand basic knowledge, it help to communicate with technology department, while you should also know some knowledge about functional program design, such as basic HTML language, at least you should know how it works, what is W3C standards, XML. Ajax, etc.
For example:
If you don't know XML + CSS, so you can’t make a suggestion that sit be designed as WC3 standard.
If you do not know about AJAX, you don't know where should use the AJAX to realize your humanistic design.
If you do not know about XML RSS, You don't know to provide RSS FEED on for polymerization.

6. Network Marketing Knowledge

Marketing to website, especially promotion to website is of great importance, website promotion should run through the whole process in the website development, which should be taken into account, for example, whether the function should be more humanized or not. Website design benefits more to online sales. During the process of design, we should pay attention to the web page optimization, structure, key point distribution, etc. Website humanization design belongs to invisible marketing planning, it's indeed important.