The Impact Of Baidu Recently Update On The Website

16 November 2021

November Baidu has a very big adjustment on November, the websites with the stable rankings are fell off, even some disappeared, made many webmasters very frightening,

vi xuguan

It is normal that the ranking is fluctuation before, however, now the fluctuation is so big, and search result page is so unclear, many people are scolding in Baidu. In fact, what we need to do is not to express dissatisfaction everywhere, just calm down, and analyze the reason. From the big updating on earlier November to now, you can get some experience and views, today you can share it with everyone, maybe some parts are not quite right, but can get validation with others.

First, web group: take “L-carnitine” website as a representative web group, now it fell off, with the target that building up a huge link network by web group strategy, and get a lot of exterior links and good rankings, this style is now killed by Baidu, believe that everyone knows it.

Second, exterior links: here it is not the web group exterior links, but some links get from normal modes, so a lot of people said that they have never cheat, but why their web ranking is fell down? See from many ranking changes, Baidu is very sensitive on the links get from normal modes, such as the most commonly used links, too much this link, maybe result in the mistaken as the web group by Baidu, some other web purchase those so-called high quality links, to get good ranking, also result in drop ranking, it is probably because the big news website, government website with high PR, crazy sell links to gain more benefits, so result in flood situation, Baidu will reduce the ranking for such website. This website is reduced ranking, so directly result ranking reducing of the website who buy links from them.

Three, Location: not the location of the website, but for the regional location of keywords. After the big updating of Baidu, many people will find that 58 city, you a and so on website appear on the first ranking page, why is it so, in a way their keywords is with more commercial value, regional, Baidu may think that the keywords can bring the users more valuable things than yours, it is very important. From this point, the rankings of those website depending on gathering contents are fell down, even the ranking of those website with false natural and natural content are fell down, it’s no wonder that many people want to scold Baidu, but seen from this, the natural content is not enough, if want to get better ranking, you should improve the correlation and pertinence of content and website.