The Importance Of Web Content On SEO

12 July 2021

Web design and web content are important, as we know that the article content is best original, if you reprinted if from others, you also need to make some changes on the articles.

Add super link to the words, especially the key words, link address can be related to the other web page, or other website, blog, other article contents also can be add corresponding text link. But, you must pay attention that don’t add too much links, otherwise, search engine may run to the corresponding links, the article content won’t be grabbed completely.

The title must include the key words, the title is the core of an article, and good title will greatly enhance the website rankling. Provided that you should know enough about the search habit of the users, and popular keywords, the long tail keywords.

Article content and main key words layout. Every article has a theme, and the first and last paragraph is the best place to reflect the theme. The first 100 words of the first paragraph should include the keywords less than 3 times, and the last paragraph is less than 2 times, and add bold with some key words.