The Time Factor Of External Links

12 July 2021

In what condition all links will appear well? Usually under the webmaster’s complete control, for example, all are exchange links or their site clusters.

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Of course, it not means to do this will certainly lead to punishments, but will add more to punishment integral table, which exposes you closer to the punishment.

Besides the link correlation and dispersion, link of time also is a factor. It is divided into two parts, one is link freshness, the other is age of link.

Several years ago, link freshness influence was mentioned on ranking patent by Google, while link freshness includes:

  • Date of links
  • Links changes
  • Change of text links
  • Date changes of text links
  • Date of file containing links
  • Self-variation of files containing link

These data changes over time will probably be recorded by Google, and each change will affect the link freshness.

The other is the age of link, which is impossible to be cheated and imitated. It’s impossible that you created a link last year, but attempted to lengthen link history of 4 years in search engine, no matter in justified or cheating methods. It is impossible, even the supreme black hat or hackers could not let time go back, therefore age of link is the most reliable data in the search engine.

That is why the old website weighs more. Old website links are old and could not be intimated. Thus, simply links should be designed as soon as the domain name is registered, then let them slowly mature, slowly getting older, after several years later, accumulated power can be turned into effect.